CY09-What some people think can be improved

I did a little bit of research today, and found that some people think that some things here at CY can be improved. Here are their thoughts: 

Drew, from Calgary, thinks that the biggest improvement can be made at “the Stump”.

One of the leaders, Bob, thinks that one room at 11:00pm for meet and eat is not enough space to fit three groups into. He also says that more seating can be put in to make more people comfortable.

Mark believes that the sermons at the worship service are too much alike. He thinks that they can make them differ a little bit.

James and Matthew both think that breakfast and curfew are too early. They both think the times of both them should be extended. Also, Matthew believes that the activities at “the Stump” could be a little more suited to our ages.

This was my research. I hope it helps towards future CY events.


About Dustyn Frankcom

Dustyn Frankcom, 14, attends Emmanuel, Nottawa, Ont.