Cool Wednesday

Wednesday began with an exciting breakfast. The apples were once again some of the best I’ve ever had, and that’s a big deal. I take my apples very seriously.

The Stump involved the usual action-y songs about dinosaurs walking up the stairs and other things that I don’t really think our age group should be doing.

At our sequoia groups after the Stump we enjoyed friendly conversation, discussed issues and glued slate onto a piece of wood for reasons later to be revealed.

Following sequoia groups was lunch, which for the first time had chicken burgers. There was a bit of an incident with me being unable to open a door going outside, but hey, how can the day go by without some public embarrassment, as I always say? After lunch was our first activities of the week, which for me was baseball. ‘Twas very fun, even if a few participants seemed to be channeling a competitive side of the Lord. Overall a grand ol’ time.

We then returned to our sequoia groups for the usual shenanigans.

Dinner that night was actually the best ever: good ham and po-ta-toes. After dinner was a longish meeting with our synods, or people in our general area of residence. The ice cream party after the Central, Northeastern Ontario and Bermuda synod’s presentation was definitely one of the highlights.

Then we all headed down for worship, which tonight took on a more serious tone, but I thought it was the most interesting thus far. We saw our slate mosaics from that morning put up in the form of a cross–one from every sequoia group–which was cool to see. Overall, Wednesday was a swell day, and marked the midpoint of the week-long CY experience.


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Holly McKenzie-Sutter, 15, attends Knox in Georgetown, Ont.