Thursday morning was our day of rest, a chance to sleep in, relax, reflect and recharge for the rest of CY. I took advantage of that to be able to sleep in and visit Spirit Grove. The trick to finding Spirit Grove is to not look too hard for it. It’s tucked away in an isolated section of the campus. A quiet space to reflect, meditate, and listen to God’s voice.

In the Spirit Grove

The rain didn’t dampen our spirits, just changed the schedule, and some locations.

Indoor Stump

There are two places at CY that are loud; just loud in general. The first is the cafeteria, at meals, just a happy roar of all different conversations going on at the same time, friends laughing, talking. Of course this is mostly at lunch and dinner. People haven’t quiet woken up yet (or had their morning coffee(s)) at breakfast time. The second is worship. During the sharing of the peace of Christ, there’s nothing like hugging random strangers or friends as you move around the entire gym it seems. Just joy all around.

It seems like the week has gone by so fast. Tomorrow will be the last day. But enough of that, still one full day left to celebrate!


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