Cool Thursday

The fourth day of CY began with Sabbath until 10:30. Basically, the morning was free of scheduled activities for everyone. This meant that one didn’t have to get up early to go to breakfast because there would be breakfast in one’s residence building. However, if one went out to have such a breakfast any time after about 8:30, there was none left. This left a lot of hungry youths rather unhappy. Luckily the Tim Horton’s on campus saved the day for me, even if it meant I had to skip the Stump. It was a sacrifice, but I did have a very good muffin.

After that delicious baked good I visited the Brock campus store with some buddies. There were good deals to be had at that place, even though my cashier had a few troubles with reading “25% off” stickers, refunding, and knowing where bags are. Still, I eventually had my purchases and went up to lunch. Sorry for the minimal information but I totally forget what lunch was.

After the memorable lunch was the second activity of the week, which for me was pottery. The rain forced the activity inside but I still found it relaxing and fun. Sequoia groups met again after the activity. We played interesting games and did other exciting things.

Dinner and worship were next on the agenda. Communion was a part of Thursday’s worship and ’twas very well done. We were led out of worship into the cafeteria by a guy carrying a blow-up duck. It was a more Christmas-y cafeteria than usual and I made a pretty great card if I do say so myself. After half an hour in Christmas land the man and his duck led the way to a classroom where Easter was the new theme.

In the Easter room we had to build a contraption that would protect an egg from breaking when dropped. My group’s egg survived, obviously. The Easter excitement had to come to a close, however, and we all returned to our rooms. Well, not everyone. A couple people decided to dance in the rain for a while first. Now there’s a good day.


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Holly McKenzie-Sutter, 15, attends Knox in Georgetown, Ont.