How will it end? In Fire…

Friday, CY can’t be over, not yet!

It may be over, but I feel ready, equipped, knowing that I have the support of all the people in the Youth Ministry branch.

At least it ended with a bang! Massive high energy worship service, with presentations from all our international partners set the mood for the night. The commissioning of all of us as we left (well to be honest myself and a friend skipped out early, to line up photographs of the group walking back from the gym.) The evening ended off with a massive dance party, wandering around feeling the beat and moving with friends, brothers and sisters in Christ. Grandmothers keeping up with the teenagers and getting right into the mood.

I got to thinking, the last time I was at CY, was in 2003, six years ago. Six years ago I was shooting with film and went through three rolls of 24 exposures (72 photos), laptops weren’t very prevalent (I didn’t have one), blogs weren’t used that much, twitter, facebook, and Internet on your cellphone were still in R&D. And today, you, our faithful readers, can follow us every step of the way, see photos from the day’s activities.

It was good, it was fun…I will be back at CY2012. (oh yeah, the power just went out in the Cafe…)


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