Shared Security

A statement challenging the G8 to live up to its Millennium Development Goals through the creation of “shared security” was created at the 2009 Interfaith Religious Leaders Summit in Italy in June.

“We add the word ‘shared’ to draw attention to a fundamental moral conviction: the wellbeing of each is related to the wellbeing of others and to our environment,” state the leaders. “It includes a comprehensive respect for the interconnectedness and dignity of all life and acknowledges the fundamental fact that we all live in one world.”

In light of this shared security, the statement addresses the need for a “new financial pact” and reform of the global finance system, and calls religions to “steer an ethical path to justice and human flourishing.”

The leaders stress the urgent need for nations to commit to combat poverty in Africa, to create a just peace for all that includes both nuclear and conventional disarmament, and protection for “illegal” immigrants.

To accomplish these goals, the leaders call for dialogue between religious communities, political leaders, international organizations and civil society structures.

“Dialogue is an art that everyone must practice and cultivate…[it] requires courage and enables people to see each other more clearly, enabling us to offer life and hope to new generations”.

The religious leaders summit meets in Canada in 2010.