Moving Toward Creative Change

I really appreciated the October Record, especially David Harris’ editorial, Start Something Unthinkable, reflecting on the past moderator, Rev. Cheol Soon Park’s excellent 135th assembly sermon, and David Webber’s reflection on his recent trip to observe a number of New Zealand Presbyterian churches, entitled The Rural Church. Of course, Webber’s article isn’t just about rural churches but about “doing church” in a much different, more entrepreneurial, more flexible, yet profoundly biblical way. I am convinced, as both of these writers seem to be, that the Presbyterian Church in Canada needs to hurry up and recover what it means to be a “movement” rather than grinding along as an “institution” as Kennon Callahan puts it. A movement wants to be adaptable; an institution has trouble changing anything. The only problem is that being as institutional as we are, these changes can only come about by legislation within our presbyteries and assemblies. That takes a long time. In the meantime, those of us who care for creative change are working, and praying, as hard as we can to bring it about.    


About Rev. Dr. Hans Kouwenberg, Abbotsford, B.C.