The Satirical Jesus

Website: Jesus of the Week is a wonderful page that celebrates Jesus art with all its blemishes. Each week a new depiction of Jesus is posted. Most of these items were once well-meaning products that have so closely resembled satire that they have actually become satire themselves. My favourite photos include Jesus holding a baby dinosaur, and a miraculous appearance of the image of Christ on a bucket of pizza sauce in Pennsylvania.

Bible Translation: The Brick Testament is not a translation per se. It’s a Bible made up completely of depictions of biblical events. As the self-proclaimed, “World’s largest and most comprehensive illustrated Bible” this “bible” has been featured in People magazine and Rolling Stone among others. And did I mention… each picture is completely and solely comprised of Lego bricks.

Video: Drive-through church is an excellent YouTube clip. Just like anyone else, I too can sometimes self-identify with a consumerism attitude towards church. And any church leader knows it’s hard to balance between people’s needs and people’s wants. Search for “drive-through church”

Music: The CD, Journey of the Soul is a Christian freelance project by local Edmonton artist Joel Shepherd. What makes this worth a mention? It’s contemporary Christian music that your church can use for free simply by asking! In the artist’s own words, he wanted to “bless God” and “to bless others and encourage them.” I greatly appreciate the song Suffering Soul and it’s certainly worth a listen. CDs are available online and through iTunes.

Funny Bible Verse: In 2 Chronicles 21:14-15, God punishes people by giving them horrible diarrhea.

Kitsch: Although it’s hard to tell sometimes, I’m 100 per cent sure this is a joke. Still it’s worth a look if you like ridiculous Christian kitsch as much as I do. The ad claims to sell a Jesus statue and phone alert Jesus that informs purchasers when the U.S. Department of Homeland Security raises the threat. Hey, it made me laugh and rest assured, now that the idea is out there somebody will probably try to make one for real.


About Bradley Childs

Rev. Bradley Childs is minister at Fairview, Vancouver.