Smoking in Church


I’ll probably feel bad about pointing people to this clip in the future; but hey that’s what forgiveness is for, right? Now I’m sure these are wonderful devoted Christian people. However I have to say this video is hilarious. The reasons: 1) I have rarely seen such a lack of enthusiasm for such a happy song 2) Everything else about it!

John Branyan is a comedian. He is a Christian and he focuses largely on family-oriented material. He’s been nationally recognized and even participated in Jay Leno’s National Comedy Competition. He’s booked for about 100 shows this year but does take inquiries if your church happens to seat over 2,000 people (which is his minimum booking size). Good news though: It’s not 1955 so you can basically get his whole routine online. Check out his page if you have the seats or search “Smoking in Church” online.

While living in Montreal I had this idea for a goofy website. I never set it up but the idea is simple. Montreal is filled with churches but most of them aren’t functioning as places of worship any longer. Most of them are apartment buildings or restaurants. The site was just going to be pictures of churches with a question beneath each one asking you to guess if the building was a church or not. At the end of the quiz the correct answers would be revealed and you’d get your score. So there you have it. If you want it the idea is yours. Now go get some photos, get some guests and get some advertisers to pay you for it. Have fun.

For those of you that don’t know: “hipster” is a subculture of 20- to 30-somethings that value talking about progressive politics at independent coffee shops and drinking Hefferveisen beer to “be different.” If you’ve ever seen a 32-year-old man wearing a teenage girl’s pair of jeans, a vintage T-shirt and scarf on a hot day, and holding a French press … you’ve seen one. From all this comes a wonderful little piece of foolishness that is Hipster or Jesus. What is it? It’s basically seven pages of long-haired vegans who look suspiciously like the western images of Jesus. It’s not exactly genius but … it’s good for a coffee break some time if you’re bored.

For the first time, I am going to recommend a movie that I have not seen. Bully has gained a lot of support online through a petition asking for its “R” rating to be lowered to “PG-13.” While I’m sure media geniuses like those behind the Weinstein Company (the movie’s producer) have had a lot to do with this, I have to say I don’t mind the manipulation in this case because I agree with them. Bully is a documentary that follows five families of bullied children for one year. Among others, the film follows the lives of two suicides and a girl who brought a gun on the bus for self-defense.


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Rev. Brad Childs is minister at First, Regina.