What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for?

Are you waiting for the weekend?  For Christmas and presents?
Are you waiting for happiness?  For life to go your way?
Are you waiting for money and freedom?  For possibility and hope?

What are you waiting for?

It’s Advent. We wait expectantly for the coming Christ. Not the tiny baby of nativities but the real, true Christ who saves.  The one who conquered death to bring us life.  The one who broke through barriers to bring us hope.  As we wait we must prepare.  Much like we prepare our homes for the holidays so too our hearts need work. How shall we do it? How shall we prepare for the Advent of Him?

It’s Advent. The season of expectation and hope.
What are you waiting for?
How are you waiting?

This year I’m waiting with Richard Rohr and his book called “Preparing for Christmas: Daily Meditations For Advent”.  It’s available on Kindle if you’d like to join with me in waiting.


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Becky Roushorne-Lau is a wife and mother who also happens to be a minister in South Western Ontario. In her spare time she cooks, reads, writes and dreams of possibilities. She writes about family, faith, and her never ending search for the perfect dessert on her blog www.ministrytomotherhood.com. Subscribe to this blog.