It’s the little things…

There are moments in each day that grab hold of me.  It might be something as small as the fragrance my coffee releases as the cup tips towards my mouth.  It could be a surprise sentence from either son, fully formed and wonderful crafted.  Many nights it’s simply settling in on the couch beside my husband as we look to enjoy a few moments as adults together.  These moments aren’t big moments but they are the moments that make life.

We often think life should be more than it is.  That we should have more, be more, accomplish more.  We often live in the future instead of the present. Thinking about the next thing, the next task, the next moment and never really allowing ourselves to appreciate what’s happening now. It’s culture really. We’re been raised in a culture which values movement towards and often fails to see life happening in the now. When we live this way we miss the moments that make life.

Take this moment.  The one we’re in right now.
Breathe in and feel that breath hit your lungs.
Give thanks  for that breath.  Give thanks for this moment.
You are alive.
You are alive and living.
You are alive and living with a purpose.
A purpose given from God.

How weird was it for you to stop? How weird was it to breathe and think about breathing?  Did you do it?  Or were you thinking about getting to the next part, getting to the end of my writing?

It’s hard to stop and breathe. It’s hard to be present.

God made us, shaped us and created us with a plan in mind. We forget that sometimes.  We forget God’s investment in us.  We’re all so worried about the future that we fail to see God in the now and this is killing us. Slowly, moment by moment we are being pulled away from the God who is into a future that is yet to happen. We fail to see what is happening now because we’re consumed with what ifs and definitely maybes.  The truth is there are few certain things in life but there is one thing we can rely on. God is with us. God is here.  Let us live in this truth.

“…all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.”  Psalm 139:16b


About Becky Roushorne-Lau

Becky Roushorne-Lau is a wife and mother who also happens to be a minister in South Western Ontario. In her spare time she cooks, reads, writes and dreams of possibilities. She writes about family, faith, and her never ending search for the perfect dessert on her blog Subscribe to this blog.