Washing Windows

I do so love the fall. Those warm days are so enjoyed, much the last few licks of an ice cream cone. Today I sat on the front step with my tea and thanked God for these autumn days of the year and for these autumn days of my life. One thing I don’t do anymore is take anything for granted…associations, creation, good health, security…the list is endless. However, my life is not, so I shall savor each new day.

I have already canned some crab apples…don’t you just love the look of canned jars sitting, cooling on your counter? I could bake muffins but instead I just grabbed my pail and prepared to wash the front windows. I prefer cleaning to cooking any day. I have an extendable wand (with a sponge on one side and a wiper on the other) that reaches way up and scrubs the dirt off…then I can rinse wipe with the other side. It is not that easy for a short person, but the wand does help. Without it I would be lost…well let’s say the outside world would be lost to me for the next six months, for the window would just get dirtier and dirtier.

Today the window is completely clean…and will be until the next time it rains. Right now we don’t want rain as the farmer’s are bringing in their crops. I spoke to a lady who said her son had recently had hail on 80 acres. They have hail insurance, but I don’t think I could handle that kind of upset. Rain on my newly cleaned windows would upset me sufficiently.

When I was pulling on the handle of the window wand I must confess I said a little prayer. It has been stuck all summer and I didn’t want to fight with it. I don’t know why I am so surprised when God answers little prayers, but He did and the wand extended and my short arms were suddenly long enough to get to the top of the window.

I’m so glad God answers prayers when I need Him; prayers for small things as well as the big, heavy decisions that nearly squash me. Sometimes the window of my soul needs a good washing down. It has had the rain of ‘disappointment’ fall on it and the wind of ‘wondering’ play havoc with plans made.

So I stretch my prayers heavenward, way, way up and find He is guiding me and rinsing me in His love and wiping me down and shining up my soul. For a while I will be like the front window, polished and clean; then alas, there will be mistakes made, sins succumbed to and I’ll be back, like my window, needing a good cleaning.

But He forgives and my repentance washes off the silt on my soul and I praise and give thanks for the love of the Lord who helps keep my inner heart clean.

Photo by Nacho Rascón via Flickr (Creative Commons) 


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