Back to the Basics

I was enjoying a coffee with a friend in one of those small, intimate little shops that charge an arm and a leg, for a cup of coffee. It was her treat, so I didn’t say much. There was room for only eight people in the place. How the owners intend to pay the rent is a mystery to me…probably the expensive coffee. Don’t tell them, but I doubt if I will be back.

But this story isn’t about coffee, it is about what happened in the kitchen. We heard this awful banging and then a girl came out from the back with a jar in her hands. “I can’t open this.” She said. “I’ve tried hitting it with a spoon.” Our waitress said to her “My mother always ran the lids over with hot water.”

As a mother, I had to laugh. I know young people don’t even make an effort to listen to their mothers, but do they realize what they are absorbing by osmosis? I don’t think this young waitress did…yet here she was spouting off advice that she had absorbed from her mom.   Beware all mothers! Things you never knew you said may come back and haunt you. You are being watched!

I attended a baby shower last night…thankfully no games were played…(if you have attended any of these events you will know what I mean…quizzes, word games, etc….awful). But there was tea and treats. A little girl attending offered me a tea which I gently refused…too late in the day for tea. As I was leaving I specifically stopped and said goodbye to her…she looked up and scowled and said “But you wouldn’t take any tea.”

“No, I didn’t,” I replied, “but you did ask me very politely,” How had she remembered me in that large group?   Kids are very observant.

Makes you kind of wonder what messages you are sending out in rather casual ways. Even as I type this I know I am reflecting some of my own values and thoughts…it is a big responsibility…”What will you see, when you look at me?” Have I been true to my Christian calling as a wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, church elder and a writer? Of course I have messed up. I see that in my everyday relationships and often when I check my blogs and find a grammatical error…horrors! But it is God that I desperately want to please. Have I studied my Bible study material sufficiently? Have I prayed about it? And even, when my Bible study group meets…is the house tidy and have I got some bought cookies in if no one shows up with home baking? (There is a lot to worry about.)

Like a mother, I read to my little flock, I share my beliefs, I ask questions and we search together for answers. We may not be dealing with great theological questions but I know God is there with us and He blesses us.


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