Chance Meetings

A number of years ago I wrote an article about a chance meeting in Emergency. I had not been well and was on a stretcher waiting to see a doctor. A tall, dark-haired nurse came in and smiled at me. We chatted for a while and then she said “You’re a Christian, aren’t you?” I replied in the positive and asked if I was wearing a big sign that I didn’t know about. She just smiled and said “No, but the light in here is blinding!”

Today I met that dark-haired angel. She was at a birthday party and we exchanged glances…There was an aura about her that made me keep looking at her. We chatted and I finally asked what she did and she replied she was a nurse.

“Ever worked in Emergency?” I queried. When her answer was positive I knew exactly who she was. She couldn’t quite remember all of the incident but it did strike a memory chord. She is a minister’s wife and we shared a bit more, before I left the party.

It was a special moment, for that incident has always been a bit of a mystery to me…now it is solved.

At the same party I met again my husband’s cancer doctor. Hadn’t seen her for a long time and she remembered me and gave me such a warm hand-shake. She sees so many patients and I felt a special glow as we talked. The last time I saw her was right after Harry died and she had given me such a compassionate hug.

I am always astounded at the people God brings into your life. His timing is always perfect. I needed that nurse in Emergency to remind me that I was a Christian and my faith that night was to be in the Lord. The Emergency Department was just there to carry out His orders.

And meeting that doctor reminded me again, how gracious the Lord is in sending exactly what you need at the right time and she was the right doctor… straightforward, caring, compassionate and there for us the whole way through those cancer years.

Our companions on the road of life are not just an accident. God has a purpose for them being there. I just hope that when he has placed me in someone else’s life I have been of use to Him…even if it was just a shared cup of coffee or a wave across the street. God’s plans need each one of us, to make this world a better place…our job is to be available and help the Lord do just that.


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