Before it is Too Late

Now there is a line that strikes terror into the hearts of seniors…we are constantly being advised to get our affairs in order “before it is too late”…get rid of all those antique clothes in the closet (the kids are only going to throw them out anyway)…same thing about all those knick-knacks that hold so many precious memories for you but mean nothing to your kids. Just try getting a family member to take your good china…they don’t want it…and the list goes on.

Trying to get out of this world in a tidy manner, takes a lot of fussing. I found out that fact after my husband Harry died; never had there been so much paper on the dining room table. It seemed every department of the federal and provincial government needed proof of this and proof of that.

All that fuss sent me running to the local Funeral Parlor with a cheque in hand. “Please, cremate me and let me set out a few practical suggestions and let me go gently.” I said to them. I believe my will is in order so no one will have to spend hours talking to people all over Canada about my finances.   Hopefully I have looked after most of my affairs “Before it is too late.”

I have now outlived my mother by nearly ten years and my father by fifteen. I bumped (gently) into a 95 year old lady today at a nursing home who was sharp as a tack. It takes all the fear out living to a really old age, when you see someone like that…she was waiting to go shopping with her niece. We were serving pies at her lodge and she decided she could put off the shopping for a bit and have a piece of pie. She has lived long enough get her priorities in the right order… pies first, shopping later!

I have found that if there is no wind and the sun in shinning, the laundry can wait a bit while I take a stroll around the condo complex and that nothing is as important as time with family or friends. This has taken me a few years to accept. At that matter I always was a multi-task person, but baking cookies and vacuuming rugs more often results in burned cookies.

I find my faith journey has had a few bumps but I hope I am on the right track and my relationship with God is good. This morning my meditation at the front window was a bit glum…such a gorgeous sunset last night and grey skies this morning. Then a flock of geese flew over; signs of my heavenly Father’s presence. If he can see to it that the geese fly south each Fall he will look after me. Suddenly there was sunlight in my soul and the grey skies no longer depressed me.

Yesterday I had to throw out some bread…I hate throwing out food but it sat on the counter too long and showed some mould. I should have frozen part of the loaf, but now it is “too late.”   My car needs “winterizing”. The good weather has deceived me into thinking all is fine but there is a snow warning out for tonight. I hope I haven’t waited “too late.”

One thing I do know is that regardless of the many errors in my life, I am loved by the Lord and I am so thankful to all those people who influenced me to recognize that love and claim him as my Saviour “before it was too late.”


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