Different Lenses for Different Folk

I got my glasses changed recently. It took a big bite out of my bank account but eyesight is so important. I am really frugal and drive my kids crazy, but then they didn’t live through the Depression, I did! But when it comes to health, that is really high on my priority list.

I, of course, decided to keep my frames…they fit, are still in good order and anyway who would recognize me if I put on something square, stylish, with black rims?

I did look over the frames however and was blown away by the selection. They are as varied as the people that wear them.

And lenses are equally as varied. Those store-bought glasses may work for some but they sure wouldn’t work for me. I need someone who really knows my eyes to set me up with the right kind of lenses. I couldn’t read this print with your glasses and I doubt if you could read it with mine.

It reminded me of my faith…my own personal faith that God set in my heart. Sure it grows and changes but it is exactly what the Lord has prescribed for me. When I have my Bible study on Friday mornings I reiterate to the ladies…’this is how I see things, these are my beliefs and my understanding of this message’…and we share our beliefs and then they decide what God has spoken to their hearts.

There are some churches that feel that everyone’s faith has to be the same. That would destroy an individual’s uniqueness, as far as I’m concerned. My two girls are very different and I love both but they have their own little personalities that I handle in different ways.

Of course there are basics to ones Christian faith…belief in the Trinity, in the risen Lord and Salvation through Christ, (this is a scant list of course). Whatever God says to me, to enhance my faith may be a little different than what He says to you.

Like both the frames and the glasses we wear to enhance our eyesight, our faith journeys are all different.

And yes we get confused and mess up sometime but a good, cleaning spray of scripture and a gentle rub of the cloth of compassion, will help us keep our faith clear and enable us to see the path He wants us to follow.


About Patricia Schneider

Patricia Schneider is a proud mother and grandmother living in Alberta. Her articles are posted each Monday and Thursday. You can continue to follow her after December 1, 2016 on her new blog, Reflections by Pat (http://reflectionsbypat.wordpress.com).