Say It Ain’t So…

How saddened we are at West Point Grey here in Vancouver and in other congregations, too, to hear that you plan to stop publishing the Record as a magazine in December. For a great many of your readers, this has been by far the most meaningful way to keep the whole Presbyterian Church alive in our hearts and minds, since we have been able to read each issue so easily, and even after many months to refresh our memories on various stories.

As you will no doubt know, for us who are aging now, the ability to keep the contents of these significant articles alive in our minds has become very challenging, much to our chagrin.

I wonder how many of us, for example, reached back into our copies to find Rev. Dr. Tony Plomp’s memorable story told in the 2015 October issue, as we were preparing to share with his grieving family Tony’s passing from our midst one year later?

May your gifted writers continue to bless our church with their outreach to readers of all generations online and in this precious magazine form as well.


About Clarabeth McIntosh, via email