Say It Ain’t So…

A group of us from St. Andrew’s, Saskatoon, were discussing that the Presbyterian Record will no longer be after this year. We are dismayed to lose such an outstanding publication.

As our denomination continues to shrink, the magazine has performed an important role in keeping us in touch nationally. It has been a wonderful forum for exchange of ideas, and discussion of social issues but national and international, for theological discourse, and as a resource for groups across the country.

We especially want to tell the editor and staff that they have done a great job. Along with many contributors, they have produced a top-notch magazine and we are grateful to have had the best efforts of these superb people.


About Donna Bailey, Amanda Currie, Dineke Kraay, Yoka deBruijn, Merle McGowan, Marina Onclin, Arline Sanderson, Bernice Shih and Margaret Wilson, Saskatoon, Sask.