Feeding the Five Thousand

I was at a family get together recently. Of course, this involved a lot of eating, talking and kids crying but all in all it was a good event. More and then more people arrived and I found myself dragging out some hamburgers from the deep freeze. I had brought them to the house earlier, thinking they could be eaten the next day. But no way. This was a hungry crowd.

Of Writing

There is nothing that can take the hot air out of a writer’s ego, like reading another writer’s article that is excellent. You recognize immediately your own limitations of knowledge, ability and for a while you just back off and wonder what ever gave you the idea you could reach others with your words.

False Prophets

I recently browsed through some webpages with various pictures and messages. I was somewhat concerned when one of the messages said: “I will never regret doing wrong, I will only regret the good things I did for the wrong people.” Wow, that is one bitter person.