Lots of feelings

I was shocked, disappointed, stunned, angry (lots of feelings) when I read the last three letters in the December issue of the Record — grouped and entitled "Readers Support PWS&D". I too support PWS&D through prayers, the mission work which I do at our church, sometimes through direct donations when there is a special appeal. However, I do not seem to share the feelings of the letter writers who deemed the insert from World Vision to be "inappropriate, insulting, horrifying, and very disappointing". WOW — so now mission and the sharing of the tremendous wealth of the first world, is only appropriate if carried out through PWS&D? How insulting to our denomination! How narrow minded and parochial!

Show some Christian love

After reading the letters section in the December issue of the Presbyterian Record, I was very disappointed with the responses from Rev. Kate Ballagh-Steeper and Wilma Welsh with regards to the World Vision catalogue. Surely they are missing the point — what does it matter which organization helps people in need, as long as the people who need help receive it! World Vision also does marvelous work in countries overseas and I personally sponsor two children and know that the small amount that I give is at least helping someone and I know that it is appreciated! So let's show some Christian love here.

Must we dictate entry requirements?

I read the Moderator's November article, Ecumenism – A Canadian Product, with pleasure and pride in my country. I have the good fortune to live in an ecumenical community. I concur that Canada's gift to the world is acceptance, collaboration and mutual up-building. The CBC's Greatest Canadian contest recently reminded us of prime minister Pearson's role in that respect. Canada is definitely at the forefront in professing and acting upon Jesus' second great commandment.

Giving to PWS&D creates less stress

Regarding the last paragraph of David Harris' November editorial: “people on your list who already have everything they need.would be thrilled if you made a donation on their behalf to PWS&D.” What a brilliant suggestion! The idea prompted me to call my sister with whom I normally exchange Christmas gifts. However, I simplified it a bit, and suggested that she make her donation to a charity of her choice in her own church (she is Anglican), and I will make mine to PWS&D in my church. We are both happy knowing the gifts are so worthwhile.as well as.no stress.no gift-wrapping.no delivering. and, you are right, additional income tax deductions.