I have been blessed to play with these kids in a really fun amusement park. I’m going to miss the daily engagement with them all. I’m going to miss having this bully pulpit. And I’m going to miss hanging with all of you.

Love is the Way

Our faith is in a God of Love—love that became enfleshed in Jesus Christ. And while it is true that if we truly believe this we will try to live in a certain manner, that perspective is quite different from treating the Bible as a set of rules to be followed so that God will accept us.

Called to Serve

My “church” is not composed of a typical congregation. Rather, it is comprised of a multitude of faiths: agnostic, atheist, Buddhist, Christian, Jew, Muslim, Sikh, and more. It is in this multi-faith, pluralistic environment that I live out my calling as a Christian chaplain.