Doing what ya otter

"There is something on the ice!" Halden said, his eyes peering across the lake. This phrase is a delightful call to binoculars in our house, something looked forward to and cherished the several times a week that it happens. Soon several pairs of binocular clad eyes were trained on the lake.

'Moral Issues' = Christian Right agenda

There was a lot of chatter after the American election in November about faith and Christianity. One news report, used in part by the Record in the December issue, said, "concern about moral values propelled President George W. Bush" to the White House. The report went on: "Rev. Rob Schenck, a board member of the Evangelical Church Alliance, said: 'This election demonstrates that Democratic Party leaders have moved far away from the moral consensus in America. If they are to reclaim political relevancy, they will need to re-examine their positions on all the major moral issues including the sanctity of human life, the sanctity of marriage and the public acknowledgement of God.'"