Andrew Faiz


I have been blessed to play with these kids in a really fun amusement park. I’m going to miss the daily engagement with them all. I’m going to miss having this bully pulpit. And I’m going to miss hanging with all of you.

On Belonging

Early in ‘72 Dad had to go to Yemen where he had a job through the United Nations. The Sunday before he left, he made an announcement at the start of worship: “I have to go away for work and I’m leaving my family in your care.”

Dwell, Work, Be with God

Rev. Joel Sherbino was once sitting in a conference. This is how he tells it: “The whole conference was based around this one question: ‘If your church were to disappear tomorrow, would anyone in the community notice or even care?”

The Encouragement Tour

“I would say the vast majority of ministers are sincere; they are unhappy; they are discouraged. They’re often stuck in feeling they’re limited in terms of what they can do in their ministry. So, it’s hopelessness that permeates more and more of their life.”