David Webber

Born Again

Some question if the Christian church in the West is dying out in this century. In the Canadian context, across denominations, the church appears to be shrinking in almost every way—in our small Presbytery of Kamloops alone, two out of 10 congregations closed in 2015.

A Canadian Love Story

What makes the statue of David Thompson even more unique is that standing beside him is a statue of his wife, Charlotte Small. Of all the statuary of the famous early indigenous chiefs, white explorers and other founders of Canada, apparently there is only one that includes the spouse.

Losing the Chains of Christendom

It appears as though many people in countries like Canada have deemed the church, with its continuing Christendom focus on all things religious and institutional, to be irrelevant while at the same time expressing more interest in the very things the New Testament declares the church ought to be about: faith, spirituality and participating in a unique egalitarian community.

A Most Fitting Epitaph

Whatever else it is, retirement is a kind of watershed. Watersheds are places that evoke reflection. And as I reflect over the past 32 years in ministry, I certainly remember the apparent successes. But perhaps more than anything else, what strikes me most are the failures.