Patricia Schneilder

Second Wind

I grinned as my eyes slid over the old photo of us, grubby but smiling, sitting around the campfire at the end of the climb. We’d been so young and full of enthusiasm. I’d learned something special that day; something that has stood by me through the years.

A Childhood Bible

I gently lift my old Bible out of a musty storage box. Its top cover is loose so I’m careful. It holds a lot of memories. Inside it says: “Given to Patsy from Mother”, December 25, 1944. On the inside first page in fading pencil is written: “BA 1951 .”

Highway Surprises

A tiny speck appeared down the road to the right of the highway. I squinted, then, as the metres slipped by I realized what I was seeing. A small boy was riding a battered blue tricycle down the side of the road and behind him, pointed tail high in the air, was a small shaggy kitten.

“Stop” I screamed. “There is a child on the highway!”

Dad’s Girl

“Come on Patsy, I have something to show you.” The voice filtered through the depths of my sleep. A hand shook my shoulder gently and strong arms lifted me and carried me outdoors. I shivered in my night gown, and the voice entreated me. “Listen.”