Patricia Schneider

Feeding the Five Thousand

I was at a family get together recently. Of course, this involved a lot of eating, talking and kids crying but all in all it was a good event. More and then more people arrived and I found myself dragging out some hamburgers from the deep freeze. I had brought them to the house earlier, thinking they could be eaten the next day. But no way. This was a hungry crowd.

Of Writing

There is nothing that can take the hot air out of a writer’s ego, like reading another writer’s article that is excellent. You recognize immediately your own limitations of knowledge, ability and for a while you just back off and wonder what ever gave you the idea you could reach others with your words.

False Prophets

I recently browsed through some webpages with various pictures and messages. I was somewhat concerned when one of the messages said: “I will never regret doing wrong, I will only regret the good things I did for the wrong people.” Wow, that is one bitter person.

Loving Arms

It’s so easy to put seniors in a box. They still love laughter and cake and coffee and they miss their husbands, their kids who live far away and the friends who have already made their home in heaven. They are more than white hair, walkers and hip replacements.

Life’s the Pits

I’m peeling an orange…probably for the thousandth time in my life. This one has seeds and I spit them onto a small plate in front of me. There is an aggravation in orange seeds. As a child I was very careful. I didn’t want an orange tree planted in my stomach.

Weather Warnings

This morning I wasn’t feeling that well. Luckily I had put the big coffee pot on the counter the night before and the cups on a tray. All was pretty well set up for the Bible study gang. They get together for coffee and conversation during the summer, so no pressure to preach