Patricia Schneider

An Upside Down World

Contrary to popular opinion, most of us spend our days looking down on things. From the first time our rounded, chubby limbs lifted us upright, we have viewed the world from this perspective. Sometimes there are advantages to reversing that process, even for a few minutes.

Aids to Better Living

Baby oil, to wipe down that dry, dry skin that comes with the passage of years, face moisturizer to keep the wrinkles at bay, deodorant to ensure I don’t offend anyone, mousse to mock the prairie winds, that can make me look like a witch without a broom…and I haven’t even got dressed yet.

A Different Kind of Job

Being a writer is not a career choice for the faint-hearted. There is a lot more to it than putting words on paper (or your computer screen). It takes courage to share what your ideas are and then there are all the extra crosses you have to bear…with computers there is help with spelling and grammar but I still recall that writing course I took years ago and the red comments at the top of my typewritten assignments…humbling, so humbling.


My computer tells me that Ingestion is “to take in and absorb.” The other day I read that someone had complained that a book was just full of words. Equally so, a church is just full of people or a grocery store is just full of food.


“Is that the boat we are taking to Europe?” I asked my husband. He glared at me. “It is a ship, not a boat,” I was informed. Regardless, it didn’t really matter for I was deadly sea-sick for seven days.

Counting the Years

Most of my associates these past few years have been widows. Long gone are the together times I had with Harry and probably didn’t appreciate near enough. But my glass is half-full (rather than half-empty) because of these wonderful ladies who keep in touch. They care and they understand.

Far Away Places

Ah yes, ”Far away places with their strange sounding names,” were a part of my life for 20 years. I think I have been to 26 places in the world. I wish I could remember accurately what I really saw. In checking my old photos, one beach looks very much like another. Yes, having a travel agency kept us on the move.