2012 General Assembly

It’s Not About Survival

To a lot of elders, being on the edge means ensuring the survival of the congregations. It means keeping the church building open in the face of declining attendance, significantly aging congregations and financial pressures. It doesn’t directly mean, in their minds, finding new ways to engage God’s mission in the world. So I think first of all, that is the challenge.

Experiencing Renewal

When we talk about renewal we find ourselves talking about finding more people for our teams and more people for our pews and more money for our budget. And we start to become discouraged that that’s what renewal has become in our lives.

Called to the Edge

As congregations, are we praying? Are we being transparent with each other? Are we letting down the walls to make ourselves vulnerable, to allow us to really share our faith? As leaders of the church, are you challenging your congregations to grow in faith?

Tuesday’s Business in Brief

Assembly not interested in changing commissioner ratio; Ecumenical and Shared Ministries Handbook should include more denominations; Fund to assist ministers in “urgent” need of donations; International affairs committee looks into mining; Commissioners debate climate change; National Museum seeks $50 from churches