reformed pilgrimage

On the Isle of Iona

There is a line from a song by John Bell of the Iona Community that has taken on new meaning for the pilgrims: “At night, as I dreamt, God summoned the day; for God never sleeps, but patterns the morning with slithers of gold or glory in grey.”

Dying for Faith

On our last day in Meaux, we visited a church founded by martyrs. The modest Reformed church, or “temple” in French, seems jarringly plain compared to the soaring Gothic cathedrals we’ve visited in the past few days.

Seeking Water in the Rubble

Today began in an obscure corner of the Bible: Genesis 26:12-18. You may have never heard the story, said Gerald Hobbs, one of the pilgrimage leaders, as we sat near one of the side chapels in Meaux’s immense cathedral.